Basically Everything to Know About Super Smash Bros. Ultimate

If ever there was a franchise that stupendously celebrates the culmination of incredible games over the years, it’s Super Smash Bros.

The simple yet deceptively deep fighting series that crosses over the likes Mario, Link, and Pikachu has always excelled at continually adding to the mountain of content and hype over the last entry. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, the latest in the epic crossover chapter, is no exception to this continuing trend. “Ultimate” is hardly hyperbole, as this title could perhaps be the most epic iteration to the nearly 20-year-old series.

Whether you’re a day-one buyer or find yourself curious about the series, here’s basically everything you need to know about Super Smash Bros. Ultimate.

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Review: Brawl till you crawl in Dragon’s Crown Pro

• Developer: Vanillaware Ltd. • Publisher: Atlus

• Genre: Action RPG • Available on: PS4

Fantastical locales have long been associated with deep role-playing mechanics in video games, but developer Vanillaware’s Dragon’s Crown Pro trades those intricacies for arcade-like beat-’em-up action.

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Review: Superhot is a shooter with puzzling elements

• Developer/publisher: Superhot Team

• Genre: First-person shooter • Available on: PS4, Xbox One and Steam (PC, Mac and Linux)

• Played on: Xbox One

Editor’s note: This review is based on one I wrote during my time as a Game Informer intern. The review was edited based on corrections by Game Informer Review Editor Joe Juba. Read all about my internship at Game Informer here.

Slow motion in shooters has long been an ability that makes players dominant by dialing down the tempo for a superhuman feeling. Superhot begs the question: What if the entire game is a never-ending freeze frame at your disposal? It might sound like a gimmick, but this first-person shooter cleverly uses time manipulation to craft a thrilling action puzzler.

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Introducing Shenanikins, a stupidly funny video series on playing video games

For years I’ve been telling my two cousins that in one way or another we should make videos about the stupid, hilarious, and random shit that happens to us in and/or outside video games. With this new video series, Shenanikins, I’m finally making one of those ideas a reality.

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So how much is each SNES Classic game worth?

You’ve seen the Instagram and Twitter posts. Your buddies in Facebook groups and forums have shown it off. The media — whether gaming centric or not — has reported on it. Everyone and their derpy pets want an SNES Classic.

The highly sought after console finally released Friday, and with it came a mostly fantastic library of 21 games, including Super Mario World, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the PastSuper Metroid and the unreleased Star Fox 2.

Many of these games are still considered among the best of the best, many of which are quite valuable in the collector’s market. This makes the SNES Classic’s $79.99 price tag almost a steal — even if you’ve bought these games multiple times.

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