Down, but not out: Postponing the Spartan Race


This is an update I’ve been meaning to do on my Spartan Race training progress – rather me lack thereof.

I was originally entered in a Spartan Beast race for Nov. 1, 2015. I was even keeping track of my routine every day, both in what I ate and my exercise.

Well, a blessing finally fell into my lap more than two months ago: I got a job with The Daily Sentinel, the newspaper in Nacogdoches, Texas, as the assistant news editor. This was all, of course, fantastic, but getting hired on the spot basically meant had about a week to not only find a new place where thousands of college students already had their leases paid for months in advance, but getting moved in as well.

As I finally settled in town after a week lacking exercise, it was a bit difficult getting into a routine, but I was able to keep things up for about two weeks. I signed up to workout at one of the local gyms and used running routes I previously made for myself during my Stephen F. Austin State University days.

My body had different plans, however.

For about five weeks straight, I got sick in one way or another at least twice a week – mostly from allergies that left me drained throughout the day. This is quite abnormal since I never had such severe issues throughout the four-and-a-half years I lived in Nacogdoches before moving back.

This lead me to make a hard decision to drop out of the race because each day seemingly hindered me more than anything else after a while. My job’s odd hours – 2 to 10 p.m., 4 to 12 p.m., etc. – made things more difficult to keep up with as well.

It’s certainly true when they say the hardest part of any training is getting starting and keeping the momentum rolling. I slowly dropped out of my workout routines and eating habits, and I haven’t continued keeping up with either since.

And honestly? With the shape I was in at the start of all this, even if I trained and everything went exactly how I wanted it to with each day of dieting and training, my chances of being prepared to take on a Beast race within a three-month period were slim.

I’m hoping my Spartan journey doesn’t end there though. My cousin, whom I was originally going to do the race with, brought up doing a Sprint race in March. I will not only have much more time to prepare for this, but the distance is about one-fourth the size of a Beast.

Based on the progress I made in just three week’s time by dropping 11 pounds while I trained, I have no doubts for even a second that I’m capable of reaching this (much easier) goal.

On another bright note, at least I’ll also have colder weather to back me up this time. I guess I should instead say when Texas feels like being cold, cause this state does whatever the hell it wants in terms of weather.

Robbie Key is the chief warden of He is also the Nintendo editor for Analog Addiction, makes occasional videos for his YouTube channel, and if you happen to stumble upon this page and are looking for new media members, check out my LinkedIn profile.


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